About Me


Hi my name's Katie Heyes, currently a third year Modern Languages student at Durham University who has decided to share her mental health journey.


Throughout the past few years, I have struggled with depression and anxiety. Since coming to terms with this, I've lost the support of many close friends due to the widespread stigma surrounding mental health. 


Many of use have been taught that we should conceal our pain and just "move on" or "get on with it." But the truth is it's not that simple.  Struggling with your mental health day-in and day-out is arduous and can end up feeling inescapable. That's why opening up about our struggles is so important.  


My aim for this blog is to break the stigma surrounding discussions of mental wellbeing so we can learn how to love, support and listen. No matter where you look there is always support whichever way you turn! You are never alone! 

- Katie Heyes -