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My July Journey: Day 1 - An Introduction

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Yeah no guesses here who’s bad at sticking to a schedule. Despite numerous claims in the past few posts that I definitely will start blogging regularly, that just never seems to happen does it. Why is that? Just laziness?

Well to be honest…yeah. What can you expect from someone who likes to sleep in till the afternoon and always finds an excuse to take quick nap. Only one hour I tell myself…ok maybe an hour more…oh go on one more. But more importantly as well, I think I’m not being as strict with myself as I should be in terms of adhering to a plan for posting regularly.

So I’d like to think of this month as a new era.

Even if I’s only a short submission, I think it’s good to get into the flow of writing again as a way of regaining a lost passion. I mean we’re approaching the one-year anniversary of this website being made with a whopping total of…5 posts! PrOdUcTiVe OnE! However, taking the time to reflect on myself from a year ago made me realise how uninspired I currently am just in general. Looking back, I had so much passion for this project; I would constantly be scribbling down ideas for blog posts throughout the day and planning which direction I wanted to take this platform. But ever since, I’ve just felt like as time went on and Uni got more and more intense that passion faded out and taking into account some other unrelated issues, I just no longer felt comfortable sharing what I was going through online when for the majority of the time I didn’t really know myself. So I didn’t really feel like writing it down for the world to see would help anyone.

But, to my surprise, I soon realised that passion hadn’t completely been lost.

One night, when I felt like I’d reached my lowest point, I found myself reverting back to my old ways. Frantically grabbing the pen and pad resting idly on my desk and just trying to articulate what I was feeling and why I was thinking that way…and I still found it just as therapeutic as I did before. I rediscovered that passion if only for a brief moment. So I guess my goal for this July is to try and find that enthusiasm for this hobby and for many others as well. Rekindling old flames, you could call it I guess.

But alongside the kind of posts I was producing before, I would like to give you more of an insight as to who I am not just as a source of guidance and support for others but, as cliché as this sounds, who I am as well –just Katie. As previously stated, I know I’ve made plans like this before but it always turns out to be a case of me setting out to do something but it eventually fizzles out because I’m scared of failure and my insecurities get the better of me.

But you know what I at least want to try.

I feel like not setting out to complete a project because you’re afraid you’re not going to be successful is worse than trying and fail. So the thought I had going into this month was that I would attempt to submit a blog post every day throughout all of July. A pretty big undertaking. And I’ll be honest it’s a bit intimidating for me. Just coming back from Uni means I’ve got a lot of other things planned such as catching up with family and friends, applying for another part time job and various other things. Maybe adding a blog post to the mix might be a little much? Then again, throughout the Easter term, I made an 8-hour revision schedule that I didn’t think I could stick to but still managed it despite going through some unrelated issues. So why can’t I put some of that work ethic and dedication into blogging? What’s going to become of this I honestly do not know, some posts might be sharing some thoughts on things that are happening in the world, they might be thoughts on unrelated issues or I might just take you through my day and share that with you.

Hopefully this won’t just become a monotonous series of anxious ramblings but for now this is my writing project and I hope I can stick to it! You know what, this wishy washyness is why I never get anything done so… I’M GOING TO DO THIS. THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN…yaaaasss! Will see you in my next post!

- Katie x

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