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My July Journey: Day 11 - Giving in to Fatigue & Cosy Night in

So, this is probably about as close to a “bare minimum” blog as I’m going to get. It’s 9pm at night and am currently lying in bed in my PJ’s, laptop in front of me, relaxing after a long day of doing...well…nothing actually. It’s been another one of those days where a quick morning decision of “nah I’ll sleep in for another half an hour” turned into me sleeping until early hours in the afternoon. And despite all the caffeine intake, I’ve still been tired all day! Not just physically but mentally I just feel drained. You’re probably all reading this thinking “why you lazy thing? You’ve spent half the time in bed?” and to be honest you’re right.

I’ve literally got no excuse for being as unproductive as I am today but at the same time, I’m not feeling that guilty. Don’t get me wrong, it can never hurt to keep busy. De-cluttering your room, going out for a walk, writing, drawing, anything really is good for keeping a restless mind at bay providing a different focus point. But at the same time doing nothing can be equally as effective from time to time. Obviously persisting in doing nothing will just make you feel more lethargic and guilty for not being more productive, but at the same time running around doing errands and trying to keep yourself busy all the time can lead to burnout. So a couple of days of laziness can’t hurt?

Alongside my now non-existent sleeping schedule and multiple hot beverages throughout the day, I rewarded my idleness by having a bubble bath and a cosy night of curling up to the sofa and putting on a good musical. Definitely has to be something light hearted. What to pick? Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! No matter how old I am, I’ll always have a place in my heart for this film; the music, the dancing, everything about it just makes it a timeless classic. I would go into more detail about how much I love this film but I’m honestly not feeling that inspired at the minute to write and to analyse. It’s a real shame and I’m so sorry for yet another underwhelming blog post but I think today is another one of those giving into fatigue. Granted I know I’ve done way too much of that this year – Uni especially – but I’d rather save the little drop of energy I do have today to produce something more entertaining and helpful in future blog posts. But still I made a pledge to blog every day this month! And I’m still going to do it! Whilst completing my journey I’m trying to be as unfiltered as I possibly can, so showing one of my more unproductive days is just as important as showing my productive ones. At the end of the day that’s just life. Productivity can vary from one day or the other so you should never feel guilty for being too busy or too tired.

Hope you’ve all had a great day anyway! Whether that be putting your feet up or being kept up working till late, either way be proud of yourself for getting through it! Will see you all tomorrow!

- Katie x

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