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My July Journey: Day 12 - My Favourite Eyeshadow Palettes & Makeup as Therapy

Makeup has always been so therapeutic for me. It was always something I would find relief in; keeping those anxious thoughts at bay in tough times and it was always a great way to pass the time. There’s nothing I loved more than sitting at my dressing table, putting on a playlist and starting to experiment with all these different colours, techniques and tips and tricks that I’d pick up from various YouTubers in the beauty community.

For me, it was very rarely about the end result (it definitely took me a while to get past the clown stage!) but more about the process. The calming mindlessness that comes with dotting a damp beauty blender on your face or the intense concentration that comes with filling in my brows. And my favourite part of this process has to be eyeshadows.

Whilst definitely the most technically challenging aspect with all the blending and precision that comes with it, it’s this that’s the deciding factor in making your eyes go pop! In the past year or so I’ve experimented with a few palettes and in that time, there are now three palettes that have become absolute essentials which I use on a regular basis.

Now before diving into my favourites, a little disclaimer - I’m no beauty guru! I’m not at all the best at application or have an extensive knowledge of say the terminology for example so if you want a more in-depth analysis of these products, maybe check out some other reviews. Nonetheless, I wanted to write a bit about why I love these palettes.

- Anastasia Beverly Hills, Modern Renaissance Palette-This palette, a cult classic in the beauty community, is one that I had been wanting to try out for a long time. And once I bought it there was no going back! Now I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re just starting off, as this is a high end palette and it’s probably best to start with some more neutral shades and work your way up from there but these vibrant and highly pigmented shades will definitely make the perfect addition to your beauty routine and the mixture of warm tones and some cooler tones means that you can create a variety of looks for both more natural daywear and also for those vibrant night-out looks.

- Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Blood Sugar Palette – Despite all the drama and controversy surrounding Jeffree Star, there is no denying that this palette is a great buy. Just wow! Firstly, this is easily the most pigmented palette I’ve ever bought; just a light touch with the brush goes such a long way especially with the shimmer shades, making blending that much easier. Despite how the initial price may be off-putting for, the numerous looks that can be created with all the different colours and the sturdy packaging make it so worthwhile. I also love the general unique aesthetic of the palette. Whilst you kind of feel like you’re doing an arms workout with the weight of this thing and it may be too bulky for travel purchases, the almost first aid kit like design and shade names such as Root Canal and Cavity adds that quirky quality that definitely makes it worth all the space it takes up in my makeup collection.

- Urban Decay – Game of Thrones Collection –Up until the avalanche that was the final season, Game of Thrones was easily my favourite show so buying this collection was basically a necessity. First of all, the packaging is easily the most beautiful of the three. With its book-like form, the eyeshadow colours divided into four iconic landscape and house names and an iron throne pop up stowed within, it’s easily my favourite addition to my dressing table. However, if are just starting off with makeup I don’t recommend starting with this palette. If you are both an avid Game of Thrones and makeup fan, then this will be the perfect for you. Like me you’ll love the general vibe of the palette; having so much looking at the names, graphics, and the quotes decorated around the packaging. So much so it almost makes up for that excuse of a final season. ALMOST! Otherwise I’d say there are definitely some shades missing that will really help in the blending process and add definition to your look, meaning I’d often find myself going back to my Blood Sugar Palette for some colours to help. Nonetheless, the unique design and aesthetic made it a worthwhile purchase and still one of my favourite palettes.

Overall, despite their minor flaws I absolutely love these palettes and they’ve really helped me find my own style when it comes to my makeup look. When it comes to that night out or even just in the day when I’ve got a few hours to spare, sitting down and getting to experiment with these palettes was a great coping mechanism for me during tough times and it has since become a great passion of mine. Hope you’ve all enjoyed reading this and will see you in tomorrow’s post!

- Katie x

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