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My July Journey: Day 13 - A Moment of Gratitude

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

So today, guess what! I’m off to the theatre! Whilst it’s very exciting and a full review will be coming tomorrow, sadly it means hardly any time to devote to a more in-depth blog post! But nonetheless I just wanted to fill you in on something.

I’ve realised we’re approaching the halfway point for this month. To be honest I’m surprised I’ve made it this far! This is easily the most blogging I’ve done in a long time and you know what? I’m absolutely loving it! Despite feeling a bit tired and lacking inspiration some days, it’s so therapeutic getting all my thoughts of the day out of my mind and typed up. Hitting that publish button is such a fulfilling experience and personally I see it as a great accomplishment. Not only is it the closest I’ve come to sticking to a schedule but the fact that it’s helping people even in the smallest way really does mean a lot! 

A few people who I’ve not spoken to in years have actually reached out to me and said how the blogging is really helping them and how it’s a really good thing to be doing, and this honestly warms my heart. To those of you who have messaged me thank you so much! It really does mean so much to me and I’m so grateful and happy that it’s helping all of you.

A lot of times it’s just me sat there on my bed just writing whatever comes to my mind but the fact that it’s going that far is so surreal! If anything this has given me that push to carry on with regular blogging. I know after this month I definitely won’t be able to keep up daily posts but even if it’s only weekly or fortnightly, a little can go such a long way! 

So I guess for this post I just wanted to say thank you! Thank you for reading and supporting me through this project so far! I’ll always be eternally grateful and I can’t wait to make more posts for all of you this month! Will see you tomorrow (when I have a bit more time to spare), but until then have a lovely Saturday! 

- Katie x

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