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My July Journey: Day 15 - My Summer Morning Routine

I wasn’t quite sure what to write about for today’s post. Every morning so far this month, I’ve always woken up with a vague idea of what topic I’m going to focus on for today’s blog post. But today I honestly had no clue. It was a strange little abrupt shift in my daily routine suddenly having nothing to write about whereas from the start of July onwards I’ve tried to maintain a productive daily blogging schedule.

Then I suddenly thought well, why not write about that? Seeing as though we’re almost half way through the summer holidays, I feel like posting a little “get ready with me” style blog post, if you think that’s something up your street then keep on reading

10:00am (ish) - Wakeup

Ever since I got back from Uni, my alarms have been switched off. I’ve definitely relished in every minute of extra snooze time and all the blessings a nice lie-in can offer, especially after just finishing a hectic and stressful first year of studying. Realising you’ve got the whole day to spare, not having any early morning commitments is a rarity, so this summer I’ve decided to treasure every second. Even if I’m wide awake, I’d still take a few minutes to ease into getting up by lying in bed checking social media or reading a few chapters of a book to enjoy a lazier morning.

10:30/11:00 AM – Get Up, Brush Teeth, Shower and Wash My Face

Once I do finally break myself away from the cocoon of my duvet. I hop in the shower and start my skincare routine, instantly making me feel more revitalised and fresh in the morning. I tend to alternate between baths and showers in the morning depending on how much time I do have as a nice bubble bath is something I’ve definitely missed whilst living in halls, which definitely helps me feel more relaxed and ready for the day ahead of me. As someone who is prone to eczema and acne, washing my face is also a crucial step in my routine to try and keep it as clean as possible

11:30 AM – Get changed

Ok I’ll admit it, on my lazier days, getting changed literally means getting out another pair of Pyjamas. Whilst I love putting together an outfit, mixing and matching different styles and items of clothing, I prefer to be as comfy as possible when I’m just having a cosy day-in at home. This tends to involve either a fluffy dressing gown and some slipper socks or on the hotter days just some short PJ’s, anything to make feel more relaxed.

11:45 AM – Light my candle

To get that cosy and chilled atmosphere all set, I go to light my Yankee Candle. As mentioned in a previous blog post, my current go-to scent is Fresh Cut Roses, for a nice refreshing addition to kick-start the day. Letting that refreshing scent linger in my room for the day, helps put all the nagging thoughts that I may have in the morning at bay, focusing on that uplifting feeling I get from walking into a room filled with my favourite fragrance.

12:00 AM – Make myself a Coffee and Brunch

AKA the best part of the routine. Yeah it is bad how much I look forward to my daily caffeine fix but for me this really kick-starts the day in the right direction. The Nescafe Dolce Gusto cappuccino pods have been my favourite for many years now and have become a staple part of any perfect morning. Since I normally wakeup past breakfast period, I tend to fix myself a small brunch as well. This is usually two boiled eggs with an avocado or even smoked salmon, depending on what there is that day. Now I know this might not be the most appealing brunch fix for the majority of you, I’ll admit I am getting pickier by the day, but I find it really tasty and gives me that little midday boost before sitting down to write my blog.

12:30 AM – Blogging

With all those steps done and dusted, I finally get to sit down and write my blog. If it’s a nice day outside, I would take my laptop/ notebook out in the back garden sitting on the swinging seat or a blanket on the lawn. Surrounding myself with pleasant scenery helps get rid of any worries I might have so I can focus on what to write about, and it’s my current place of inspiration on a difficult day or when I’m struggling to be productive.

So that’s my morning/midday summer routine in a nutshell! Whilst I know I’ve just exposed how lazy I am, mornings like these are certainly something I look forward to and putting a smile on my face and helping to keep me in an upbeat frame of mind in the day. I hope you all enjoyed reading it and will see you tomorrow with a new post.

- Katie x

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