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My July Journey: Day 16 - Working for the Times - Launch Event, Discounts & More

One of the major developments in my life recently is that I’ve got a job – for the Times! Upon doing that mandatory Indeed search that many student goes through each year, I stumbled upon a lovely little opportunity to work as a student ambassador for the Times and Sunday Times newspaper.

Despite being incredibly nervous about starting my first proper job, ever since I got that little acceptance letter, many exciting opportunities and experiences have recently been made available. So I thought I’d share my experience with you so far and how it has opened the doors for me as an aspiring journalist.

So what do I do exactly?

The Times offer a student discount and my main goal as an ambassador basically requires recruiting as many people as possible for the student subscription…equivalent to as little as 50p per week! Handing out leaflets around colleges, dropping in a few hints to subject leaders about the numerous benefits of the subscription, and of course rocking that merchandise around all the colleges with the Times hoodies. After being an ambassador for almost a year now and with all the doors that have opened up to me ever since, I cannot recommend the subscription enough!

What’s in it for me?

By just typing in the discount code DURKH, as well as gaining access to additional features such as podcasts, videos on top of the well informed news articles, you’ll also receive many amazing exclusive offers that greatly appeal to the student demographic such as 2 for 1 on weekend cinema tickets and 25% off at over 200 selected restaurants! As a student living away from home, weekends are times that can be quite lonely and it’s there that homesickness starts to quick in. However, with this offer, it’s a fun and easy way to keep yourself occupied without the worries of additional expense.

All these benefits have definitely heightened my social life in University and with the new year coming and fresher’s week soon approaching, it would be a great way to stay up to date with what’s happening worldwide yet also adding to that Uni experience.

The News Building UK’s Student Launch Event

But easily the best opportunity had to be getting to attend the ambassador induction held at their headquarters at the News Building in London. Here we learnt all the ins and outs of the publication process; choosing relevant stories and titles, constructing their website pages, choosing the write image to accompany the text, and just all the hard work in general that goes into putting an article together. And to be honest, it was an experience I’ll never forget!

Whilst being a Uni student and fully immersing yourself in all the reading and essays you can lose sight about why you’re actually there in the first place. Ever since I was little, I loved writing, and my dream has always been getting to publish an article. Thus, surrounding myself in this professional environment, seeing all the writers frantically typing at their desks, rushing around with all these different papers and stories, even getting to attend one of the editorial conferences, I suddenly felt that burgeoning desire and inspiration once more. If anything that gave me the motivation to power through all these assessments for that dream to be even more achievable.

After making my commute down to London, we attended the event held at their headquarters at the News Building in London. Firstly, I did not expect such a fuss to be made over us. Initially I assumed that we would be having breakfast in a canteen, but upon arrival we were directed to a conference room, with an outstanding view overlooking London, where breakfast was arranged for us! Displayed in canapé style, with a nice array of pastries, fruit slices and enough coffee to last for weeks (or for me probably 2 hours!) As cheesy as it may sound, it truly made me feel like I was some professional business woman attending their annual meeting. Despite being in a formal environment, I never felt more at ease with the friendliness of every single member of staff there.

After having this lovely little breakfast prepared for us. we were then directed to the editorial conference where main editors would discuss which stories they wanted to feature on their main webpage. There was just something so inspiring and satisfying about seeing the visual process of a newspaper coming together, something that is often overlooked when you’re just nipping down to the local corner shop for your latest paper and all the immense dedication everyone has doesn’t go unnoticed. As I mentioned earlier, this is not just your typical mundane workplace. As soon as you walked in the liveliness hit you square in the face. With everyone frantically typing to complete their section of the paper, surrounded by stacks upon stacks of newspapers and people dashing round with their laptops into conference rooms with potentially breaking news at their fingertips, that kind of workplace whilst evidently hectic, is something I know I would thrive off.

Despite having to leave early to catch my train, this fantastic opportunity getting to immerse myself in a professional journalist environment surrounding myself with all the editors and writers, it made me realise that is really what I want to do as a job in the future and that enthusiasm just radiates off every single person who works there. Whilst studies do take priority, having the opportunity to work for a vibrant company such as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and so far I’ve loved every second.

After seeing this workplace enthusiasm first hand and the devotion each of the writers and editors had, I could not recommend this student subscription enough! It would mean the world to me if you signed up. It would be great experience for me to start earning money and every person who signs up will help me to potentially improve connections with future news agencies! If anyone is interested I’ve left a link at the bottom and the discount code. Thank you all for reading my blog post and will see you tomorrow!

- Katie x

https://join.thetimes.co.uk/ - Just enter code DURKH for access to offers 😊

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