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My July Journey: Day 7 - Summer Shopping & Treating Yourself

We all like to treat ourselves every now and again. But sadly the limits of student budget make that a bit difficult. Most of us feel that temptation to go on a shopping spree as soon as the student loan comes through, and honestly why not after all the hard work you’ve put in this year!

It doesn’t have to be anything massive. It can be as little as a bar of your favourite chocolate or maybe even a cake from the local bakery. Just having little rewards at the end of the line no matter how big or small can give you that motivation to power through the year, not just in terms of academia but in life generally.

So after receiving my exam results last week, I decided to do just that.

Now, a typical day of shopping at Cheshire Oaks for the Heyes family involves the mandatory brunch fix at Café Rouge brunch. Despite the inevitable questioning of “shouldn’t we try somewhere different this time?” the enticing smell of delectable patisseries reverts us straight back there. Three coffees down and we were all set for hours of shopping galore.

If anyone knows me that my one obsession when it comes to shopping is bags. You do not understand the temptation that builds up walking into every single shop. To the point where I felt like I have to walk with my hands behind my back for fear of just buying everything within an inch of proximity. And surprise surprise I didn’t escape empty handed. Whilst (shock) resisting the urge to get another handbag, I did decide to treat myself to a new purse from Kate and Spade. I’ve been in need of a new one for a while now; something convenient but not so bulky that I can’t fit in certain things like clutch bags for example. With the subtle lilac cover of the bag that would match the majority of my outfit and bags, and the Mary Poppins-esque spacious quality – it was too good to pass up and easily my favourite purchase.

Next Stop – Shoes! Whilst bags are the shopping item I get the most excited over I’d say shoes are probably the ones I get the least excited over. It’s never something that I actively seek whenever I’m exploring the latest sales, and with Durham Uni being known for its sloped terrain and cobbled streets, I didn’t even bother with heels on nights out and just stuck to vans. But today, everything changed. There was just one pair I couldn’t pass up. And when I tried them one, I just knew there was no going back – sad how much I’m making it sound like this the start of some romantic adventure.

The majority of the time that followed centred around window shopping; staring longingly into the windows or walking in for a quick mooch, checking the price tags and dashing straight back out again.

However, I still managed to squeeze in one more purchase – quite literally.

Yankee Candle was easily one of the most crowded shops there. As I was walking through, two jars almost dropped on the floor, luckily I managed to leave with mine intact (a miracle considering my clumsiness record) but sadly for someone it wasn’t third time lucky and a smash echoed in the room creating such silence you could practically hear a pin drop. Someone clearly took shop till you drop too literally (sorry couldn’t resist.) Despite that though I still left there with a good purchase of Yankee Candle Sweet Morning Rose – one of the candles I talked about in my previous post. I’ve currently got it burning in my room right now and the lingering scent is the perfect way to get relaxed for a lazy and cosy Sunday.

So all in all quite a successful shop. Whilst some of these items were a bit on the expensive side so I definitely won’t be doing a shop like this for a while, I think it is important for all of us at some point to treat ourselves to a little day of indulgence. For me it was a little bit of shopping and whilst I wouldn’t recommend doing it frequently taking into account the restraint of student budget, taking a day and dedicating it to doing something you love will help put you in a better mood for the working days ahead. It certainly put a smile on my face and with so many summer sales on now, I can guarantee you can find something that works for you! Go for it!

- Katie x

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