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My July Journey: Day 9 - My Spotify Playlists for Motivation and Studying

It doesn’t come as a surprise that listening to music can influence our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Whether that be getting all energised with that upbeat musical number or getting moved to tears by a tender ballad, music has a great and immediate hold over our mood.

During those stressful and challenging moments life throws at us, music is not only a source of entertainment and pleasure but it also brings wide-ranging psychologically benefits. Stress can pile up when we least expect it, but by listening toyour favourite songs on a regular basis it can easily relax your mind, boost your spirit and keep those anxious thoughts at bay.

So I’ve recently compiled some of my favourite pick me ups and classical instrumental tracks into some playlists of my own to help me out on those tough days. For today’s post I’ll share them all with you now and show you just how easy it is for a few notes to alter your mood.

- Some Morning Motivation- Everyone at some point faces that inevitable dread of getting up in the morning. It may be the time where a lot of anxieties about the upcoming day just hit you in the face at once which can become overwhelming. But sometimes all we need is that little drop of inspiration to get our day off to a good start and to embrace the day ahead of you with a clear mind-set. I realise most of these songs are overly cheesy, and yeah I couldn’t resist squeezing in a bit of Disney, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need! All these songs with their powerful lyrics and emotionally driven performances never fail in giving me that push to get myself out of bed and overcome a tough morning.

- Study Mixes (Classical and Film Soundtracks)– These were definitely my favourite playlists to put together as I’ve always had a passion for the atmospheric, mysterious, calming and sometimes shiver inducing quality of film soundtracks and they always help me regain my focus whenever I’m studying. Choosing instrumental tracks over ones with complex lyrics, which can be quite distracting is great if you’re looking for a boost in your mental performance and classical music alongside instrumental tracks are perfect options.

- Cheer me up (but really)– This playlist is a little bit more personal to me but these songs have always helped me at my lowest points. Yeah here we go with the sentimental overload in these descriptions but for me, they always help me find happiness and give me a sense of hope and reassurance that one day it will all get better. They’ll come a point where your worries will ease and you’ll think “you know what I can do this!” or “why was I so worried about that to begin with? Look at me now!” Some of them don’t even have that motivationally driven lyrics behind them but I’ve included them simply because they’re just put a smile on my face! They certainly do help in those down moments and I’ve come such a long way already through listening to them on a regular basis.

I’ve linked all the playlists mentioned below in case any of you want to check them out for yourselves and see if my music taste (as niche and odd as it may be sometimes) is something up your street. Or if you can’t bear any more Disney being thrown at you from all ends, why not make a little playlist for yourself? Whatever your taste may be, I guarantee music is one of the greatest sources of pick-me-ups out there!


- Katie x

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